Affordable Homes ASSIST


Increase your purchasing power, not your repayments
Affordable Homes Assist is a shared equity program that helps eligible buyers purchase house and land packages.


Backed by the Government of South Australia, Assist reduces your purchase price and subsequent repayments of a property because SA Housing Authority covers a portion of the initial investment.

How does Assist work?
When you purchase a home through Assist, you’ll contribute the deposit and a portion of the value of the home through a primary home loan. SA Housing Authority contributes the remaining portion of the home’s value through a second mortgage.

Here's an example:

1.  The house you want to purchase is listed on the market for $350,000
2.  You contribute $262,500 for the deposit and primary loan (75% of the total value at purchase)
3.  SA Housing Authority contributes $87,500 (25% of the total value) as an Assist Loan


What are the benefits of an Assist Loan?

  • Lower monthly loan repayments
  • No Lenders Mortgage Insurance
  • No account keeping fees
  • Pay no loan repayments for nine months or until your home is built, whichever comes first
  • First home buyers can use the First Home Owners Grant towards the deposit, fees and costs


What’s the catch?
No catch! But Assist properties are only available for a limited time and are sold to eligible buyers on a first in line basis.


What do I need to do?

Step 1:  Check you’re eligible for the Program

Step 2: Register for property alerts for newly released Assist homes

Step 3: Contact the sales agent selling the home and they’ll put you in touch with the lender managing the shared equity loan.

Step 4: If you’re the first eligible buyer and have your financial pre-approval, sign the paperwork to secure your new home.

Want more information?
Download our Assist home buyer brochure here

View some frequently asked questions here