How Do I Buy An Affordable Home

You can purchase a home through the Affordable Home program in five steps.

Step 1
Check you’re eligible for the Program


Step 2
Register for property alerts – create search results depending on what you’re looking for in a home.


Step 3
Get financial pre-approval from any financial institution. The first eligible buyer with proof of finance to complete a declaration of eligibility will have the first option to purchase an Affordable Home.


Step 4
Contact the real estate agent selling the home. The agent will let you know the required deposit and will walk you through the paperwork to buy your home.


Step 5
Complete and sign the paperwork to confirm the purchase of your home!


Refer to our FAQ page for useful information on buying a home.
HomeStart Finance provide information on home loans for low to moderate income earners, and hold free seminars covering all you need to know about buying a home.
You may also be eligible for a grant or subsidy to help you purchase a home, visit RevenueSA for more details.
The First Home Loan Deposit scheme is an Australian Government initiative that aims to help first home buyers purchase a home with a deposit of as little as 5% (lenders’ criteria apply).