Affordable Homes ASSIST


Increase your purchasing power, not your repayments


Get into your own home sooner with Affordable Homes Assist – shared equity house and land packages backed by the Government of South Australia.

What is Assist?
Affordable Homes Assist is a home purchase ‘shared equity’ loan through the Government of South Australia, reducing the cost of buying select new house and land packages  for South Australians on low to moderate incomes up to $110,000. SA Housing Authority covers a portion of the initial investment of select house and land packages, so you can increase your purchasing power without increasing your mortgage repayments. 
Assist shared equity is only available on select house and land packages. 
How does it work?

Buying an Assist home gives you full and complete ownership of the property – SA Housing Authority is simply registered as the second mortgage holder on your property’s title. Eligible buyers enter into an agreement with SA Housing Authority to cover a percentage of the initial investment in an Assist home.


You will only need to return the percentage initially invested by SA Housing Authority if you sell, refinance, or move out of your property.

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What do I need to do?

Step 2: Register for email alerts to be the first to know when new Assist properties are listed. 
Step 3: When you find a property you want to buy, contact Harcourts Property People on 08 8345 5500 or email [email protected]. They will put you in touch with the bank who is coordinating the shared equity loan with us.
Step 4: If you are first in line to contact Harcourts once the property is listed, are eligible, and have your letter of financial pre-approval, sign the paperwork to secure your new home. 


What are the benefits?

  • You’ll only need to pay back SA Housing Authority’s portion of the loan if you sell, refinance, or choose to pay off your mortgage
  • Minimum deposits may apply given depending on your personal circumstances (i.e. eligible for the First Home Owners Grant or Starter Loan)
  • Lower monthly loan repayments
  • Pay no loan repayments for nine months or until your home is built, whichever comes first
  • No Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)
  • No Account keeping fees
  • First home buyers can use the First Home Owners Grant towards the deposit, fees and costs
  • Low to moderate income households may be eligible for the State Government $10,000 interest free deposit gap loan


What’s the catch?

No catch! But, Assist properties will only be available for a limited time and will be sold to eligible buyers on a first-in-line basis.

Properties will be listed on our website as they become available. 


Where can I learn more about Affordable Homes Assist?

Download our Assist home buyer handout for more information.



Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible?

You must be eligible under the Affordable Homes Program:
  • Are a South Australian resident aged 18 or older
  • Don’t currently own a property
  • Plan to live in your own home
  • Are single and earn less than $85,000 or a couple/family earning less than $110,000
  • Have assets within the allowed limits.
Note there may be additional eligibility criteria for certain Assist properties, such as lower income and asset thresholds, or gender and age. 

When will Affordable Homes Assist houses be available for purchase?

Assist is not available to all Affordable Homes Program properties. When Affordable Homes Assist properties are released, they will be sold to eligible buyers on a first in line basis.


What sort of homes will be on offer?

The first release of homes will be in Adelaide’s western suburbs. Assist will be limited and linked to specific homes that have been designed to match lot size and orientation that they will be built on. You will only be able to buy that home that is advertised, and not be able to choose another home design. 


Why Affordable Homes Assist?

Affordable Homes Assist increases your purchasing power without increasing your mortgage repayments, helping more South Australians into home ownership.


What other assistance can I get?

Depending on your individual circumstances you may also be able to access the First Home Owner’s Grant, or a $10,000 Starter Loan. Your home loan lender will be able to advise if you can access this assistance.


Can I pay out all, or a portion of, the investment made by SA Housing Authority in my home?

Yes, you can. You will need to contact your home loan lender for a valuation. They will then determine what balance is owing.


How soon can I sell my Assist home?

You can sell your Assist home one year after settlement. All Assist buyers are required to live in their home for a continuous period of 12 months immediately after settlement.


What happens when I’m ready to sell my Assist home?

If you decide to sell your Assist home, you will need to contact your home loan lender for a valuation and then inform SA Housing Authority of your intention to sell.


What if the market value drops to below the initial purchase price?

SA Housing Authority shares in a portion of any gain or loss in an Assist property’s value.