How to Buy Affordable Homes in South Australia

Getting exclusive access to quality Affordable Homes is easy. To buy your home the smart way, simply: 

Step 1

Check your eligibility.

Affordable Homes are exclusively available to low and moderate income South Australian home buyers who meet the eligibility criteria.

Step 2

Sign up for Affordable Homes property alerts.

Get an edge on the competition and get alerts delivered directly to your inbox. Often, the most desirable properties with a higher demand are the first ones to go, so register for an account to receive alerts for properties that match your preferences.

See what's currently available on our website, or visit or

Step 3

Get financial approval from a lender.

The first eligible buyer with proof of finance to complete a declaration of eligibility will have the first option to purchase an Affordable Home. You can apply for housing finance through any financial institution.

For information on home loans for low and moderate income earners, visit HomeStart Finance.

Step 4

Register your interest to buy a home with the real estate agent.

If you have found your dream Affordable Home, contact the agent who is selling the property on the details on the listing. An agent can advise of the necessary deposit, and will walk you through the next steps to purchasing your Affordable Home.

Step 5

Complete and sign the necessary paperwork to confirm the sale.

Congratulations! You’ve bought your home the smart way!
For information about how to buy a home, including information sessions, visit HomeStart Finance

For information about grants and subsidies that you may also be eligible for, visit RevenueSA.

Couple enjoying coffee in their new Affordable Home